Putting The "F" Back in Hardfisch @A-Reli 09



This weekend, the Hardfisch (f yeah!) were off to Cologne for the A-Reli. We had for the first time this year almost the full roster, despite the notable absence of Chris and Kufi, Tarek (who apparently couldn’t decide whether he should sit or bow to the porcelain immortal), Paddy, Bockes (who went to rock out with his cook out, or something like that), and Ed.

Another Teamfoto inside!



Wall City 9 - Hardfisch 13
The weekend kicked off with a tight game against Wall City, where we traded all the way to 9 all, however, we never really felt pressure on our offence and then finally walked away from them. It turned out we managed to wake up on time, though it took a bit longer for our defense to really step up to the Hardfisch level.  

Isostars 6 - Hardfisch 13 
A relatively easy game, given the fact that they had lost some key players, and were only there to maintain their spot in the second league. Tried to work in some defensive training, and play a few different styles, which is the only explanation for their score.



Frizzly Bears 11 - Hardfisch 13 
We then moved on to a very even game against Aachen, which was point for point until they managed to create a turnover to take the half 7-5. We proceeded to come out in the second half psyched up, but feeling the pressure, which we made apparent in a series of turnovers and unforced errors, which helped us to trail 6-11. At that point, we decided that we’re Hardfisch (f yeah!), and fought back with crazy, aggressive defense, and an iron will that took us back to 11 all. We figured that a tie was no reason to stop our run, though, so we kept going and took the game 13-11. 

Sieben Schaben 13 - Hardfisch 9 
Unfortunately, the effort it took to fight back Aachen, in combination with the heat and humidity, had some strange effect on us. Surprisingly, there is collective amnesia as to what happened next. Three things seem to be generally agreed upon among the team: that we held with Stuttgart most of the game, that Phillip (didi) from Stutti seemed to catch every other pass at times, and that the last few points have seemingly been erased from everyone’s memory. Nonetheless, they told us afterwards that we’d lost, despite a valiant and very fatigued effort, so we had our work cut out for us on Sunday. 

Heidees 11 - Hardfisch 13 
After a nice dinner and a long sleep, the morning rolled around with us looking fresh, sexy, and ready to go against the Heidees. Early defensive pressure saw us pull out to a good lead, which we held through the game until it was 8-12 in our favor. Unfortunately, our minds began wandering at that point, and we let the Heidees back into the contest. It was 11-12 before we finally decided that despite their sexy black and gray uniforms, they were no match for the long-lasting sex appeal of orange sleeveless shirts that tweaks the desire of every woman (and man!) in just the right way. Oh that regal color and those bulging biceps, oh my! 

Freiburg 9 - Hardfisch 13 
Onward the fight! Onward against the Süddeutsche! Onward against Freiburg! Grrrrr.
As commented upon by Phillis, it was nice to play a team that brought the old 4-1-2 out of the closet so that our rookies could learn a bit about the evolution of German ultimate tactics. In fact, we were able to show how not to, and then how to defend against “The German”, and despite a few hiccups in our offense, walked away to victory in the end. 

Cologne 13 - Hardfisch 14 
Having secured our place in the 1st league against Freiburg, we went up against Köln in a game to decide seeding in the DM, and whether we, Hardfisch (f yeah!), are badass or not. We proved our mettle once again when, having fallen behind 12-7 due to fatigue and less than concentrated play, we saved five game points in a row to make it a game to 14. At that point, we decided what the hell, converted another defense to make it 13, and after allowing them to have a point, won our offense point to take the game 14-13. Badass. 

Hardfisch staring: Phillis, Kitzmann, Georg, Shrammi, Craig, Ole, Chuck Norris, Basti, Bjorn, Falk, Oz, Ben, Ragnar, Benne, Steven (better late than never) and the puppets from ‘Team America: World Police’

#18 and #80, from the English ghetto.

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