Hardfisch @ DM 2009

Friday: Lets get off to a good start and make things tough

Zamperl, lost 10-15

A typical poor start was brought back under control during the first half, and it looked as if we'd be leading by one going into half time. Seven just wasn't our lucky number however, as a lack of concentration cost us, and we went into half trailing 7-8. Straight after half a series of unforced errors cost us time and time again, allowing Zamperl to build a 5 point lead, despite a mini comeback near the end, we had already cost ourselves the game and went down by 5.

Mirsanmir, lost 9-15

Again unforced errors cost us dearly against a second team which we were faster and strong than (but then, we're faster and stronger than everyone else). Apparently, we didn't learn our lessons from the first game, because we kept happily turning the disc over throughout the game, which meant that we continued to have to fight hard in a game where we should have walked all over the old men of mirsanmir. Only, we apparently didn't fight hard enough. Heads down and pissed off, we went to the restaurant to sit around waiting for our food for TWO HOURS. S%$#! F*%$ing mother f$@#ing sons of B$%@#es!!!!!

Saturday: We're baaaaaaaack..

After an evening of reflection and a bit of a tactical change by the Hardfisch Brain Trust, we came out fighting on Saturday morning..

Bad Raps, won 15-10

Some of us have a special place in our hearts for Bad Skids, we hate them more than almost any one else.. mostly cause they're still young and we're not. That didn't stop us from coming out fighting, and as we expected, they did the same. Despite good control on our part, both teams saw only one break before half (which thankfully we took). After half, both teams continued trading points, trading offensive scores with both defences working hard to create opportunities.  That changed at 10 all, when we converted one defensive point, and then another. At this point, the kids were feeling the pressure and tried to connect with much more difficult options. Due to the not insignificant amount of extra weight on our team (gee, who could we be talking about?) we got in the way of their junk. Pressure and our badass defence caused turnover after turnover, and we closed out the game without letting them score again. At this point, Beavis said "Sweet. Hehehe. Yeah, awesome. Hehehe, that's cool."


Fruehsport02, won 15-8

Feeling strong after the morning's win (and the joy of eating kids alive) and with the knowledge we still had everything to play for, we came out firing against Koln. They didn't. In fact, our guns are are apparently so big that they got a little scared. Screams out of the Hardfisch's Sea of Orange and White were so loud and awe inspiring that Koeln, upon catching our first pull, the very first throw of the game, promptly dropped the disc. This helped us to establish an early lead, i.e. we took the first seven points of the game. The mistakes of Friday had mostly cleared from the horizon, and with the continued pressure we managed to take half 8-3.  Our consistant offense in the second half, along with our aggressive and effective defence, continued to create mistakes in Fruehsport's play, and our lead was never really threatened.

Thus at the end of pool play, we were second in pool B, with a cross-over game against the Heidees.

Heidiees, won 15-13

A great physical contest. In fact, one could almost say that this game is how ultimate should be played, but one couldn't, because despite their quality, one of the teams had some really bad calls. Both teams clearly wanted the chance to knock out Mainz in the semi-finals, and that drive was obvious all over the field. The Heidees came out very strong and put pressure on us from the start. We traded points almost up to the half, but they managed to get a break just before the break, and took half being up by two, 6-8. Fired up but the fact that we wanted to play in the final, and by the way the Heidees were "competing" (remember: terrible calls), our defence stepped it up another gear and created mistakes in our opponents play. With this inspired play we managed to level the scores at 13-13. We didn't stop there, our defence still had something to prove, and they did this by earning 2 more turn-overs and converting them, closing out a great game (despite having to score the winning point twice)!

Sunday: Oh so close

FeldrEnner, lost 12-15

This game went back and forth like a dog chasing a tennis ball. Mainz took an early lead, but we were able to put pressure on them to come back to evens before half. We put on the dumbass hat though, and we gave up a break (again!) just before halftime, so we were down by 2 at half. Straight after the break, the "field runners" (Hahaha!) built on their lead, stretching it out to 3 points and 9-12. A smartass captain called a time out (smart ass in the absolutely most positive, supportive, lovey-dovey sense possible here, you big hunk ;-) Kissy kissy!), and we answered, with 3 good SCORES getting us back into the game at 12-12. This prompted Mainz to take a time out, shaking in their little boots and going to stand in the shade (where they also had happened to park their cars, the weaklings!) We were still firing and they were in trouble, so we we're feeling good. Unfortunately, that good feeling didn't last very long, Mainz scored their offensive point, and then two throw-aways by two of our most trusted players (names not to be disclosed but never to be forgotten) saw the field sunners close out the game. We had come very close to making the final, but just came up too short. Gutted.

Fruehsport02, lost 11-15

The contest for 3rd and 4th is a game no one wants to play in, and a game that effectively meant nothing, as both teams had qualified for division one next year. The difference between the teams was pretty obvious: we had embarrassed Koeln the day before, winning by 7, and they had something to prove. And prove it they did, while we stayed in touch most of the game, there was no fire in our play and no resolve to fight for a comeback. Our heads were still in the previous game, and how close we had come to making the final. As a result, we lost this game in fairly unspectacular fashion.

So the Hard-ones of 2009 finished 4th and look forward to next year and becoming Deutsche Meister. HARD FECKING FISCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phillis, Kitzzzzmann, Tarek, Steven, Georg, Chris, Kufi, Basti, Björn, Benne, Ole, Craig, Ragnar, Rob, Falk, Oz, Bockes, Schrammi, Michiel and Patrick.

Hey Paddy, thanks for getting all that water: hope you didn't hurt your back!

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