Alsters at SotB

First game at 10:30, but still the wake up call rings at 6:00.
On saturday, at 7:15 in the morning, we meet our pick up player "Luca from Lüneburg" at Berliner Tor to start the ride to Rostock.
It's the end of the season and we are lacking of players: we go almost savage with 2 women and 6 men.

We reach the beach on time to greet the usual faces of the northern germany tournaments and to enjoy a special discount on Alsterwasser: indeed the first game is "Discount" vs "Alsters".
We start the game with a cold sand and a strong sun directly behind the end zone: not optimal for long passes.
The spirit is good and the Discount friendly accept our lack of women.
Maybe because of the last beach tournament of the season, maybe because of the crazyiness due to the lack of sleep: the Alsters decide the keyword of the tournament: layout. And that's how we win the first match!

During the break we meet our next pick up: Melli from Huskies, who will accompain us during the entire weekend.
Micha from Greifswald offers himself as well as pick up and suddenly we are a reasonable sized team.
We loose the second game,against "Spreevolvers", although Melli and Micha reveal themselves as great add to the team.

The third game is against the tournament organizers, the Endzonis. It's a well known team among the northern tournaments, but we see many new and young faces. Maybe also because of this lack of experience in the opponent, we bring home another victory.

It's time for the beer race. The volunteers are democratically chosen by the common rule "who's not here to vote, does the race".
That's how Anja, Kristoffer and Bodin find themselves naked in front a freezing sea.
Unfortunately we don't get to win it. As usual the Alsters enjoy too much the water and the beer to make a race out of it.

We get to our final game almost at sunset, against the Funaten. Our motivation to win explodes when we find out that a victory means having the first game at 11 on Sunday.
We don't win the match, but we warm up our pirate defense that will come in handy the day after.

We head to the party apparently too early, since we are the only one on the dance floor. The party is decorated and set up with a lot of details, but the "Jahrmarkt" motto created
some confusions among us, so while some of us wear glittery, others wear dresses, shirts and topheads.
The most of the party is focused outside, with fun fair games like shooting cans and giant beer pongs.

On Sunday morning we meet our first opponents: Hammertime, and already in the warm up we review our overheads.
The first overhead comes at the very first point: Jonny has the disc, looks at the marker in the eyes and screams: "Stop! Hammertime!". The marker is confused and Jonny throws a hoverhead in the end zone, unfortunately without success.  

In the second match, against Tekielas, the wind gets even stronger and forces us to become real zone defense experts. Still, the wind, some errors and some good actions from the other team turns into another sunday morning defeat.

We reach the last game and the circle closes up: we play again against Discount, so the match starts with a cheers and the hands full of alsterwasser.

We watch the final, Quattro Stazioni against Catch 'em all, under the wind and a light constant rain, until we notice that we are the only team still standing under the rain on the sideline. We reach all the others, repaired behind the orga tend, and watch a quick, cold and wet prize ceremony.

The weekend is over and we hit the road dreaming all about a long, warm shower.

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